Upgrade from 6 to 7.5

Just got a “new” iMac from 2012. Did a clean install of High Sierra. Planning to do clean installs of all my software. Starting fresh.

I would like to do a clean install of the new RW 7.5 without having to install RW 6 prior to installing 7.5. Naturally I am eligible for the upgrade price. Do I do a full install of RW 7.5 on the new computer and then use my existing License info for the upgrade? Will be removing it from the previous computer.

Not sure about the license upgrade vs regular, don’t forget about all your addons. They get copied as part of the upgrade process.

Found a way to get it to work. Didn’t import the RW 6 edition from the previous computer and instead did a clean install of 7 on the new computer. Then just did clean downloads of Stacks and Blocks and used the existing PW’s. Everything seems to work fine.

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