Upgrade from 6 to 7.5

(William Walker) #1

Just got a “new” iMac from 2012. Did a clean install of High Sierra. Planning to do clean installs of all my software. Starting fresh.

I would like to do a clean install of the new RW 7.5 without having to install RW 6 prior to installing 7.5. Naturally I am eligible for the upgrade price. Do I do a full install of RW 7.5 on the new computer and then use my existing License info for the upgrade? Will be removing it from the previous computer.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure about the license upgrade vs regular, don’t forget about all your addons. They get copied as part of the upgrade process.

(William Walker) #3

Found a way to get it to work. Didn’t import the RW 6 edition from the previous computer and instead did a clean install of 7 on the new computer. Then just did clean downloads of Stacks and Blocks and used the existing PW’s. Everything seems to work fine.

(system) #4

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