Moving 'sidebar container', also called 'toolbar' in Rapidcart Pro

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How can I move the ‘sidebar container’, also called ‘toolbar’ in Rapidcart Pro which by default is on the right and want to move it to the left.

Also want the ‘tags’ and ‘categories’ to be a list one under the other.
Tags and Categories as a list, like so:
Tag 1
Tag 2
Tag 3
Tag 4

Tag 1 Tag2 Tag3
Tag4 Tag 5
(as it currently displays in RapidCart Pro)

Thanks in advance.

(mark hunter) #2

What theme are you using?

It would also help people to help you by posting a link to a live site, even if it is just a test page or something that is unfinished. That way people who don’t have your theme, or even RapidCart Pro, may still be able to offer advice or help.



(Patrick Mooney) #3

Thanks Mark,
Here is the link to the current test site.
The theme is Boutique by ThemeFlood but I’m going to change to Foundry as I will have more flexibility.
The ‘tag’ I would like as a list and be also able to control the space between each line. As well as move that part to the left of the page.


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I’m no expert in UIkit CSS (which RapidCart Pro is built on) but by default the tag buttons are set to display inline, so changing these to block may start to give you something like you are looking for? {
display: block;

Changing the sidebar/toolbar to the other side looks like you need to change the grid source ordering using .uk-push-* and .uk-pull-*

If you want to change the layout that much have you tried using the Rapidcart Pro stacks and building your own layout with a stacks page? I’ve found it much easier than trying to bend the standard Rapidcart Pro page to something it was never designed to be (although I do accept you look like you have done quite a lot of work already).



(Patrick Mooney) #5

Thanks Mark,
I’ll give trying with the code a go and see how I get on. I was looking at ULkit but could not find what I was looking for. Could just be me.
Thanks again.

(Patrick Mooney) #6

Hi Martin,
the list display for the tags worked, thanks so much.

I’ll have a look at the code to see if I can figure what RapidCard called that section I want to move.


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