Rapid cart pro sidebar tags, etc

How do I get the sidebar with tags, etc to show up on my rapidcart store page and the product pages?
thanks, Lisa

Sidebar with tags and categories is available only within RapidCart Pro Store stack.
If you created your page using RCP Grid stack, as far as I can see, there’s no way to add it.

Anyway it’s already in our to-do list and will be available soon.


Well that’s a bummer. I guess I need to not use stacks until then?

You can still re-create the tags/categories list with some HTML links.

I think i have this same question? I built my store using RapidCart Pro Stacks and i would like to have the toolbar with the categories, tags & search show up on the side like the demo shows. I enabled it in settings but its not showing up?

@rob was this ever added? I would like to add this feature to my main store page which i created with the grid stack. http://www.zippyrooz.com/store/store.php
If not can you enlighten me how to re-create it with HTML links? Thanks