Multi site home folder? ISP Issues

Greetings. I recently purchased a few new domain names and upgraded the service from my ISP. I have a ecommerce site made with an older version of repidweaver. The older site was on our ISP’s smaller service and now with the new domaines I have upgraded to their medium size service. When the nice tech support person moved our older site over to the new plan I believe that he combined several sites so that the several sites are on the same “principal domain” or user domaine.

Maybe he made it so that several sites now share the same home_html folder.

Unfortunately I can not republish our older working commerce site as I no longer have the computer or older version of rapidweaver that the site was made with. The older site is important and not easy to republish but i am OK with trashing all the other files and starting over new if that is what it takes.

I figured out that there was a problem when I tried to make a new home page for one of the new domaines and the new home page overwrote the ecomerce site’s homepage.

That took about 6 hours to figure it out and replace the index.html after finding the backup.
So can someone who is smart please tell me what the standard folder hierarchy for a multi site ISP package looks like. Do they really normally have multiple sites share the same home_html folder?

  1. how can I tell which files belong to which sites when I am trying to start over. By date modified?
    The ISP is currently using Cpannel66.

Thanks in advance, Marty

You might want to give us the name of your hosting company.
There might be someone on this forum that has direct experience with them.

There’s no standard way for a hosting company to set up multiple domains on a single account.

Some use a pointer function built in to the domain manager. They could also point to the directory via DNS area. Some hosts have you setup separate FTP servers.

Hi, Marty,

I have two domains within one account at my host company. One of them is my main domain and the other one is treated as the subdomain. Here is the directory:
		all files and folders of my main domain
			all files and folders of my subdomain

(Sorry for this weird formatting. There should be no bold characters in this snippet…)

So, in other words, public_html contains all files and folders that belong to my, as well as the folder and its contents.

This hierarchy should leave no doubt which files belong to which domain.

the ISP is machighway who was recommended at the time by the rapid weaver team. I think either they manually merged files when they combined packages or my FTP instructions for the older sites file structure are/ were different than the new system. At any rate I will need to come back to the mess after i Finnish up on a few other projects. Thanks for the help Marty

Your hosting company machighway has a KB article and video on adding an add on domain.
I have not hosted with them but it appears that your primary domain gets published to the public_html Directory, and the add on domains get placed in a sub directory of it.

In your cpannel you should see a selection for addon domains, if you select that it should show the path you need to use.

Didn’t look but would guess they have a file manager you could sort things out with.

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