Multiple discount codes with MachForm?

MachForm embeds nicely within my site, and I’m using it to capture registrations and payment for an event.

MachForm only allows one discount to be applied during checkout . . . . I’d like to have a few different codes that trigger different discounts. Has anyone created a clever workaround or solution for this?

I use MachForm but not the payment feature in it so I can’t be of any help. I know @dave uses MachForm, so tagging him, but don’t know if he uses the payment feature. Have you also reached out on the MachForm forum or contacted them directly via email?

Yes I did. They verified that only one discount was possible per form, but multiple discount codes can be used (I guess to trigger the same discount (?))

The only thing I can think of is possibly setting up an alternate, duplicate form for the different discount, and somehow directing those who are eligible for that discount to that link, rather than the link for the public form.

That sounds correct, @Moonspinner. I use the payment feature for several sites (PayPal integration) and it works very well. But, I haven’t tried using more than one discount. If you do use the option of duplicating forms in order to offer different discounts, I highly recommend using the tags. Six months down the road all of the forms might look alike, but if you have them tagged, it’s easy to see which form corresponds to which discount.


Thanks Dave. If I use multiple forms, I’ll have to deal with multiple spreadsheets right? (I’ve got MachForm linked with Google Sheets.) If I go this route, it sounds like a hassle, having my event registrations spread out across a few spreadsheets, rather than all visible in one spreadsheet.

Hello Chad,

Yes, I agree, that would be a hassle.

Have you asked Yuniar if his team, for a fee, would consider modifying your installation so that it works as you need it to? I have no idea if they’re open to that or not, but it’s worth asking them. I had an issue a while back (a couple of years), where I needed a bit of extra coding to get a specific form to work with two different social trackers that our 3rd party vendor installed (Evariant). They offered to get it working (but, in the end, the Evariant .NET guy got it working).

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