Payment stack that includes agreement to terms?

I’d like to have people register for an event, and pay for their registration, on my site. The Checkout stack from Yuzool looks good, but I don’t see any capability for it to require a tick-box or other acknowledgement of terms prior to accepting payment. I’d like to require the buyer to acknowledge understanding of my refund terms prior to paying . . . ideally, with some record of that acknowledgement, in case a buyer were to challenge it later (claiming they were not aware of the refund terms). Does anyone have a stack or other solution for this?

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I use a ‘Machform’ - form, for people to book my courses. They have to agree to booking terms and conditions and also get an email with confirmation of the booking and booking details including terms etc.

My form is here:

Thanks Nigel. That looks like a very customizable approach.

Did you design your site in Rapidweaver, and embed the MachForm in your RW site?

And did you do the self-hosted or the subscription route with MachForm?

Yes - Rapidweaver. It’s easy to embed the form and I do the self hosted thing because I have always done it that way. The form in very customisable and customers find it easy to use and more importantly most book and pay straight away.

Thanks Nigel. Can you give me an idea of what the data reporting looks like? I’m assuming it’s stored on your own site and viewable with a login? Or is it possible to receive an automated email message after each completed form, including the submitted data?

I looked through the information on the MachForm site, and didn’t see any examples or screenshots of what the data reporting looks like.

MachForm allows you to see the data online and it is viewable with a login. Yes, both you and the user can be set up to receive an automated email mesage after each form including a PDF of the submitted data.

You can export the data in a variety of formats: Excel, CSV, and so on. You can also set it up to integrate with Google Drive so the data is also stored there.

Complete a booking using the instructions below. You will get an email after you book. Choose to pay later!

Booking courses not listed:

Booking: booking can be made on the website here:

On the ‘Course Name’ drop down choose ‘other course not listed’; if the course you want to do is not an option in the ’name of bespoke course’ then you can then enter your own name or course title, select the course date and manually enter the amount.

Thanks Nigel and Matthew! It sounds like a robust tool with the right features.

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