Multiple Index Files Error Message

I just loaded Joe Workman’s PageSafe stack onto my Home Page and one random page.
After publishing these pages I got an error message that said "RapidWeaver noticed you have the following files on your server: index.html and index.php.

I deleted PageSafe from both RapidWeaver pages and re-published all files.
PageSafe is not visible at this time on either of the RapidWeaver files.

Page Safe is, however, still visible on my Home Page URL.

I was able to locate the Random page in CPanel and delete the index.php file.
The Home Page, however, is not visible on the Cpanel.

Shouldn’t the folder Home Page also be visible in the Public_Html folder on Cpanel?

Page safe requires php so when you added it to the page and published, it created the index.php file. You would need to delete the index.html file. Many stacks need php and will cause this same behavior. I set the RW project to always name pages .php out of habit now, it saves having to deal with the duplicate issue.

there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to see the files in your root folder in Cpanel file manager, maybe show a screen shot. You could also use an ftp app if you have one.

So if I understand you correctly, when a folder has both index.php & index.html one of them needs to be deleted.

So a website can have some pages that are php & some that are html?

I was able to find the duplicate indexes for Kitchen-30 page but cannot even find the HOME page on cPanel. Shouldn’t this be alphabetically arranged within this list?

I gather that “HOME” page is what you call “Root Folder”?
Where would that live on this page?

Yes you can have a site with both php and html files.
Yes, one needs to be deleted (almost always the .html)
Look in the public_html folder, that is most likely your doc root.
scroll down it looks like it is sorted to show folders first.

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