Multiple index files found on server - again

Hi, I recently purchased Stacks Poster to have a blog on my RW created website. Since I added this stacks I cannot upload anymore the changes. I am getting the error messages: ‘Multiple index files found on server’. I googled the error messages and found some posts here but the answers couldn’t solve my problem. It seems that I have to deelete a htm version of the site and only use a php version, but where can I delete the html version? Jack

On your server. You can use an FTP application to see the files on your server. Or sometimes your hosting service has the option to look into the files using your web browser.

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Thanks Jack. Poster Stack requires PHP, so the file name of the page where Poster Stack is placed on will be changed from index.html to index.php.

A FTP application will allow you to delete the old index.html file from the page folder.


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