Multiple Copies of RapidWeaver Installed

Where do the RapidWeaver sites store on an iMac computer?

I downloaded some stacks then double clicked them to install.
I couldn’t see them right away so double clicked them again.
I ended up dragging the yellow lego block onto the RapidWeaver icon I could see on my dock.

I think I now have multiple copies of RW on my computer.
When I click on the icon in the dock now I get a list of recent projects.
When I click on the most recent project I get taken to the FTP publishing credentials page.
The credentials are all accurate but I can’t see any of the pages I have already built.

Could it be I am seeing the wrong version of RW?
Where would I find the other iterations?

You can use a Finder search to check.
Type “rapdiweaver”
Hit the +
select kind
Pick Application

That should show you all the versions of RW you have on that Mac.

I always “drag and drop” to install on RapidWeaver.

RapidWeaver is probably openning up that last project where you left off. You should be able to select the pages on the left pannel.

Thanks Doug.

The screenshot that just showed FTP publishing credentials would not reveal any pages to the left.
I hit the plus (+) button to create a new site then at that time could re-opened old site and there my files were.

A problem I am having now is that I cannot publish changes to the site.
When I make a change and hit the publish button every seems to be exporting fine but nothing updates on the website. I have checked the FTP credentials and they are all correct.

Before all this happened I downloaded “Trunk8” and “Anchor” stacks from DooBox.
I originally double clicked the yellow lego button to load these but could not find them in the stacks. When I tried dragging them onto the RapidWeaver icon in the dock I get the error message: “At least one addon is older or the same version as the one already installed”.

I can find the “anchor” stack but cannot find the “Trunk8” stack in the library.
Searching the library for “Doobox” shows the “anchor” stack but still does not reveal “Trunk8”.

This publishing issue may belong in a different thread.

Go ahead and reinstall when you get that message. Since you know you have the same version (you just installed it). You can also restart RapidWeaver if a stack doesn’t show up after dragging to the dock.

As for the publishing issue, if when you publish you get no error messages then I would make sure you clear your browser cache or try a different browser/computer to see if the changes did get published.

If you still have issues publishing than we’ll need more details. Screenshots of the publishing settings, hosting company name and URL’s would be a good start.

Thanks Doug,

I ended up restarting the website from scratch but now I republish every time I make a change or add a stack.

I ended up creating a new website with a different host company.
I had heard good things about REBEL so thought I would give them a try.

For what it is worth, when I am ready to make the migration from iWeb to RapidWeaver for my real-deal site I am going to hire them to do all the 301-redirects. There are about 70 pages that will need to be re-directed. They said they could do this for $100 which seemed like a great value for peace of mind.

I recall reading something you wrote about creating your own SSL certificates. That might be a great candidate also for just paying someone to do. I could probably noodle my way through it but this would require a lot more luck than I have earned so far in life.

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