Multithemes LODE Theme Navigation Menu Problems

The top navigation menu chevrons are messed up when viewed in Safari, but OK when viewed in Firefox. Is there a way to fix this in Safari?
In Safari:

In Firefox:

Hi Bruce, which version of Safari ?

in my mac the “parent” icons seems ok on safari.

The parent icon is made with a simple text symbol. you can compare the behaviors in a blank project. Can you test the theme with blank project?


Safari 9.0.1, OSX 10.11.1. I checked on my MacBook Pro 15" Retina to see if it may be a Retina Display issue, but the same overlapping shows there.

Can you figure out why the chevrons are messed up? Is it the version of Safari I have? I want to use this theme, but that issue looks bad to me.

Check your mail, I’ve sent another code, the icon is made with the Awesome icons. Probably the issue depend on the line height of the text. Now the line height is 0.

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