My addons have disappeared

Working on a site today and almost all of my addons have disappeared. I was having problems viewing my project from edit mode so restarted everything and now all my addons are gone apart from 1 or 2. Why would this happen? What can I do?
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It’s very unlikely that they’re ‘gone’.

In which directory were they?

Which version of RW?

Which OS?

Did you save your project before restarting?

What did you do to restart?

When you say ‘restarted everything’ what is ‘everything’?

What trouble were you having viewing?

Was that the first time this has happened (having trouble viewing)?

YES, I was using Dropbox. I have now solved it by reinstalling all my add ons. What a pain but I do remember something from before about Dropbox. I think it is when I was changing, saving and uploading too quickly in succession. I should have waited until the green tick appeared on Dropbox to say it was uploaded before trying to upload again too quickly.
Thanks, Jacqui

Hi Mark, they were “gone” - still in the Library but gone from RW when in the project. I had to reinstall them all again. I think it was Dropbox that caused it. I was changing, saving and uploading all too quickly one after the other. I should have waited for the safe upload to Dropbox before uploading again I think. All working now and have saved to Desktop until I am finished - then will upload back to Dropbox for safekeeping and sharing.
Thanks for your time, Jacqui

Glad you fixed it. I store all mine locally. Good luck!

Me too…only makes sense!

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Glad you fixed it (and solved it by yourself :wink: ) but would strongly suggest some added reliable local storage as you can find 1tb for @ $50 and 2TB for an extra $10, and an even faster but smaller SSD for about the same. DropBox for sharing only :wink:

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