My Rapid Weaver 8 Addons folder is not showing up

I have the icon to turn addons on and off.
But the ‘library’ or anything to be able to add an addon to my indiv. pages is non-existent. Am I just being dumb? Or is this a common glitch? If so, how do I fix it?
Thank you!

I have replied to your other emails.

That looks like an HTML page you are looking at. So that would be it, in its entirety. There is no separate “Library” to open, like you would have with a Stacks page type.

HTML is purely code (markup) and nothing else.

A Stacks page type (added from the + ‘Add’ button top left of your photograph) is where you would add a Stacks page.

Stacks is a drag and drop builder. So normally instead of seeing raw HTML markup, you would instead have a Library and the ability to use dragged and dropped components like images, columns and text blocks.

Unless you are comfortable with working with HTML markup, Stacks is probably going to be easier for you to build your website with.

I know you have spoken to me about using Vibralogix for the storefront, and I think there are some stacks available that integrate with it.

So in summary, using the Stacks page type for every page of your website might be the key towards avoiding too many bumps in the road.


Thank you for your help Will!!
I really don’t know how you do it all!
Between designing themes, making plug-ins, and your unbelievable support.
I am so grateful to have found you and your creations!!

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