My Tesla contact form doesn't work

(Julio Rodriguez) #1

My website is built using the Tesla theme. However, the contact form that comes with it is not sending emails. I looked for the help page into Realmac Software and setup the info@… within my hosting server (godaddy) and also tested the forward feature, everything worked up to there. Once I republished my website files with the new email address into the “Send to:” field in the form general settings, still doesn’t work. I need help with this.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

One of the first rules when asking questions (after doing a search) is if you have a URL to the site, please provide it. We can not help usually with just a description.

(Julio Rodriguez) #3

Sorry here is the url I didn’t provided it because it’s about the form and not the website itself.

(Brian LaPan) #4

I just gave it a try with test name, and it worked. FYI, with GoDaddy the forward to email address HAS TO MATCH your GoDaddy account email address.

Please let us know if that change fixes the issue.

(Julio Rodriguez) #5

Hi LaPan, you said you tried but I don’t see your email in my inbox. How did you do the test? The forward email is working cause I tried from yahoo mail and it worked as well. Bit not from the contact form.

(Oscar Schmid) #6


It “certainly” has nothing to do with the theme Tesla, but you can change the theme, publish and see if it brings a change.
My Tesla contact form works well.
I know the problem that mails are sent without an error message, but can not be received (happened with certain providers/hosters). Can you use a different email address, with another hoster?

Have you checked your e-mail addresses !?

Perhaps you must change the contact form !

(Julio Rodriguez) #7

Hi there Oscar, I have checked the email addresses and again, from yahoo mail I can send an email to and I can get the reply but not from the form. How was the form built into, PHP, ASP? Maybe is something that needs to be setup in my hosting server.

(Oscar Schmid) #8

The RW contact form works with php. I can give you my test-email address. So we can test with another server.
Send me a message and I give you the address. Later, you must delete the test address!!

(Julio Rodriguez) #9

Ok let’s do that give me your address and ill put it into the “send to” field ti try it. thanks

(Oscar Schmid) #10

Hello Julio @jcesar75

Your email is here :wink: the contact form works!! the problem is your hoster/provider, I think.

Now, you can delete my email address!

(Oscar Schmid) #11


Perhaps you must change to FormLoom, Plugin or Stack.

(Julio Rodriguez) #12

I’ll look into it thanks a lot

(Julio Rodriguez) #13

Ok that’s what I thought so