Naive info request

I have been using the same theme for three years. Changes made are; Banners, Sidebar (Yes or No) and the regular text on new pages and photos. Pages uploaded almost or never are touch. In the past I notice that a lot of “features or parts” that I don’t use been uploaded. Is there a way to upload only the minimum necessary parts or items, to make a faster upload? My knowledge on programing is zero. Thanks in advance for incoming opinions.


I would suggest that you are safest to leave RW to upload what it needs to - and not to try and change/customise what it uploads.

Gracias Mark, I will stick to that.

Yes I asked the same question many years ago, why does a theme upload EVERYthing in that theme regardless of if its being used or not.

It just does :-). Learn to love it ;-).

Gracias Gabrielle. I will have to walk the same road.