A continuing issue!

(Stan Godwin) #1

Today after (and this continues from previous versions) 8.2.1 I made a small 4 word change to one page of a site I manage (www.bittersweetestatesales.com). When I hit the public button 104 files were uploaded to the site!

There have been no other changes since I last made a 3 word change and that day over 75 files we’re uploaded.

For the life of me I cannot see any reason that this is happening. This type of activity began with 8.1.7 and a MacOS update to Mojave.

I am looking for any ideas how to stop this.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom.

(Joe Martin) #2

You are using a theme that is 8-10 years old…and doesn’t work at all on devices…upgrade or die!

(Stan Godwin) #3

How does one know the themes are old or new? I just started a new site with Dark Glass theme. Is that old as well?

If the themes are out of date, why do they still appear in the list?

(Joe Martin) #4

The Classic themes are very old…and don’t scale…

(Stan Godwin) #5

Ahhh! That greatly reduces choices within the app. Looks like I’ll need to search out some aftermarket designs that will work.

I thank you for your time.

(Joe Martin) #6

I have converted to @joeworkman foundation for most of my designs.
Well worth the cost.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Check out @willwood’s themes. He has free demo versions of every theme so you can try before you buy.

(Stan Godwin) #8

I will do that!

(SF) #9

Also, Elixir Graphic’s Foundry, which is a framework that comes with a bunch of stacks, (assuming you own stacks, if not that’s also an additional purchase), which allows you build out and design sites.

(system) #10

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