NavBar shows as text on one page only

A site I built got hacked, so I blew out all files and republished. But now on one page the NavBar shows as text instead of graphics. It worked fine before and I am baffled and have done everything I can think of, including re-uploading all files via FTP. It shows fine on my Rapidweaver and the page’s index.html file on my desktop.

Here is the messed up page:

Thanks so much!!!


It’s because the css file is missing, Go to the files menu and republish all.


The css file is in there. All of the other graphic elements are fine except for just the navigation bar. I had even manually uploaded all of the files because the publish button seemed to be having some issues publishing all of the files.

The css file is in there.

Its not though. Def something messed up in the publish.


Thanks so much Klaatu! I was so focused on the page folder that I didn’t check the theme folder. I have no idea how that one file got skipped. Thanks so much!


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