NavBar shows as text on one page only

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A site I built got hacked, so I blew out all files and republished. But now on one page the NavBar shows as text instead of graphics. It worked fine before and I am baffled and have done everything I can think of, including re-uploading all files via FTP. It shows fine on my Rapidweaver and the page’s index.html file on my desktop.

Here is the messed up page:

Thanks so much!!!


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It’s because the css file is missing, Go to the files menu and republish all.

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The css file is in there. All of the other graphic elements are fine except for just the navigation bar. I had even manually uploaded all of the files because the publish button seemed to be having some issues publishing all of the files.

(klaatu) #4

The css file is in there.

Its not though. Def something messed up in the publish.

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Thanks so much Klaatu! I was so focused on the page folder that I didn’t check the theme folder. I have no idea how that one file got skipped. Thanks so much!


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