Navigation style

I’m about to redesign two of my websites anx looking around at themes I’m really drawn to the fresh clean look of Michael David. The two I like the most - ebb & flow and another both have mobile style nav arrangements even when viewed on a full size screen. I’m not adverse to this but when I tested it on Mrs L it took her a while to find the navigation. My question is, is this style of nav for full screen a bit radical, resulting in confused users who don’t engage with the site?


I have a site designed in a similar (whole page devoted to navigation) way. I really don’t believe it works. Shall be restructuring in the New Year. Good luck!

Full page modal menus can work but the key is simplicity. There are several “famous” ones out there and they all follow this simple formula of a few large font size links. If you have a more complex site structure and many links then it probably isn’t the most readable or intuitive style for users.

Once of the most famous ones is the huge Inc site, and in this context it works well. The rest of the content links (which are almost like blog articles) are further down the page in the masonry type layout section

I have been using Nick Cates Forward theme
It uses the More+ approach, pity there are not more stacks/themes options, example is the BBC website

Yes that one is a bit confusing…

Hmmm, not keen on hugeinc execution and it crashed Safari. Weird…

Yes, I’ve looked at Forward - I particularly like the speed and the navigation idea but the theme itself does not appeal.

Agree about the style I just turned off the banner, added a little css and have been using as a plain theme

@oldgustav I agree, the site itself is far too busy and scrolly - I only pointed it out per their simplistic menu which is the bit they have won awards for.