Newsletter Page Creation


I’m very much a newbie to RapidWeaver and am trying to create a newsletter page for my site (which was originally done in Dreamweaver).
I produce a newsletter for my client base 3 or 4 times per year.
The layout per issue is pretty much the same for each issue - a mixture of text and graphics and the various sections split with dividers. There are also main headings, sub headings and a few font colour colours.
Here’s a link to the latest newsletter for reference:

Can anyone suggest the easiest / quickest way of reproducing this as I have 26 newsletters to “convert” to RapidWeaver? Is there a stack I need - currently using Foundation

Thanks in anticipation.

If using Foundation; have a look at the demo project that came with the stacks. (Or download it from joes site). There is a pillar page that looks similar.

hi bitbumpy,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve had a look at the demo blog and it’s not what I’m looking for - too convoluted for me as a beginner in RapidWeaver. The theme and style of the blog must be look identical as the web pages, which by the looks of the demo, won’t allow that or am I being thick?

Not sure i am understanding the issue. Here is a newsletter page from a group I am webmaster for that has several dozen newsletters.

It loads extremely fast. Each newsletter has a text link that opens a pdf for that newsletter in the browser window. I simply ftp each newsletter to a folder on my web hosting company’s server and then use it as the link.

Sorry if I am missing something and this doesn’t apply.

Hi bikeman,

All I’m trying to do is essentially re-create 26 HTML newsletters files previously done in DreamWeaver.
I send out an email with MailChimp quarterly(ish) to let them know that there’s a new newsletter for them to view at their leisure.

I am wanting to move right away from Dreamweaver, but am confused by RapidWeaver and what it can and can’t do. The files need to be HTML as that’s what my customers want - I did ask them a few months ago if they’d prefer PDF, but they didn’t.

In DW, all I essentially did was use a template file I created sometime ago. Add the text / images etc. and then select the style I needed from the CSS / HTML box and all was done - easy.

Am I right in assuming that I need to re-create every page (drop in headers, text boxes etc.) the same way as normal? Every page uses the same style, but the layout is different on every page.

The newsletter link you’ve provided as an example is not working.

I doubt customers will look at the old newsletters anyway but I would convert them to pdf and embed them into a page. You can do the same with new newsletters, there are a few stacks options for embedding pdfs out there. PDF Embed from Joe Workman works very well. Making newsletters is much easier in Word or Pages as well.

Sorry about that. Link now working. Folder was in the wrong place on the server.