I am Angry! because of the n-th release that might be stable but not compateble

(Dos) #1

Each time this software is updated there is an enormous loss of time, repairing all the things that changed and replacing the pictures that just vanished. I did not buy this software as a trial project, but expect that if you charge € 99,- that you supply a stable and upgradable product. That content created with a precious version will be still the same and full content after the n-th release in a short period.
Again three hours repairing YOUR faults an getting nothing back for this time.
That YOUR X-mass may be happy

(NeilUK) #2

I’ve updated twice (7.2 and 7.2.1) in two days and I haven’t experienced any problems as yet. All my projects are the same, and I’ve been working on them today. All my projects were started in a previous version of RW.

I hope you get your issues sorted soon.

Merry Christmas

(Keith Flanagan ) #3

While I had no issues with 7.2 and 7.2.1, I had nothing but problems with previous releases. Losing both the stacks plugin and various stacks including Armadillo and Photos. Couldn’t figure out for a while what was wrong with my sites until I noticed that the stacks were no longer in my install. Had to go out and download them again and search for the email for the license for each. It was a pain especially for Stacks as I had to find 2 old emails since this was an upgrade. @Oos has a very valid point. For software that is paid for, it should be rock solid stable. We are not beta testers and shouldn’t be treated as such.

I love RW but some of the things they do just annoy the hell out of me. Personally, RW is one of the very few reasons I don’t go back to Windows as I love the Surface and really think Apple dropped the ball with their Mac updates.

(Kenny White) #4

Ive had not a single issue with the update; Thank You RW & Happy Holidays !

(NeilUK) #5

@keithnteri I do agree with you that things should work out of the box, but judging by the amount of dead links and other issues with the RealMac websites, it’s not such a surprise that there are a few problems now & then.