NEW: Cartloom Storefront Stack for RapidWeaver!

Storefront Stack for RapidWeaver

We’ve now launched the Storefront Stack for RapidWeaver! This fully designed, instant setup, SEO generated page code, is the no-brainer solution for selling anything in RapidWeaver.

Learn more: Cartloom | Storefront Stack for RapidWeaver

Here’s just a handful of pro features you’ll find in the Storefront Stack…

Search Engine Optimized

Storefront generates SEO markup, Facebook Opengraph and Twitter meta tags, Google structured product data, and image alt tags.

Category & Tag Filtering

Cartloom products can be assigned by custom categories, and filters tags, letting customers easily navigate your Storefront.

Storefront Stack Settings

Adjust how many product items are shown per page. Get the perfect text size for product titles, tags, and prices.

Order History Lookup

Customers can use a past purchase email address to receive an elegantly branded - full order history email.

AddThis Social Sharing

Vistors can share any product page using the social network of their choice. Enable AddThis in the Cartloom Add-ons.

Dashboard & Sales Analytics

Get a detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and audience to better tailor your products and marketing.

Cartloom iOS App

Realtime sales, invoices, and inventory. Monitor daily sales, product inventory, search orders, resend invoices, on your iOS device.

Sell Digital & Physical Products

Sell digital ebooks, downloads, songs, and video. Sell physical books, t-shirts, products, and parts. Cartloom has you covered.

Multi User Admin

Create user admins to edit and manage Storefront products online. Perfect for web designers and clients, or store employees.

Storefront Stack Setup

1. Get a FREE Cartloom account [].
2. Add your products in the online Cartloom Admin.
3. Enable Storefront, in the Admin → Addons.
4. Install Cartloom.stack for RapidWeaver.
5. Add the Storefront stack to a stacks page.
6. Enter your Cart Name in the stack settings.


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