New computer - missing some Stacks

Hi all, an old project I’m working on is showing “Stack Missing”. Is there a way to find out what that stack is?

Mac mini M1, OS 12, RW 8.9.2, Stacks 4.2.2. David 74


I think I saw somewhere a comment on this topic and it said one needed to run RW under Rosetta on M1 Macs? But don’t take my word for it…

Hopefully, someone will give you more definitive answer.

How did you migrate over to the new computer? Did you copy the entire add-ons folder?

Are you missing just a few stacks or every 3rd party stack?

If you didn’t copy the entire addons folder (by default it’s stored in the hidden directory folder) then that’s what you need to do. Go to the backup or old Mac and find the addons folder and copy it over.

If you are just missing a few stacks then there’s supposed to be a way to find that out, but apparently there’s a bug in stacks and it’s not working. Since we haven’t heard much from @isaiah in quite a while, don’t have a clue as to when it might get fixed.

As far as I understand the Rosetta thing that Rob @Rovertek mentioned, that effect’s only older plugins, not individual stacks. Don’t know for sure either as I don’t own (probably never will) a Mac with a non-Intel processor.

Thanks for the input Doug. What machines have you been using that never had an Intel processor?
I don’t have the old machines that I used in the last years. I do have a VERY old machine, so I can look there.

I also added two project files that show the missing stacks. Hopefully, someone who has these stacks can identify them.

And I did try to copy everything over. I somehow missed some.

What I was saying is that I don’t own a non-Intel Mac, nor do I have any plans to ever purchase one. Sorry, I’m not an Apple loyalist (aka fanboy). When my current macPro(2013) stops doing what I need, I’ll be leaving Apple behind.

Don’t you have any TimeMachine (or another flavor) backups? You can easily restore the addons folder from there. If you had copied the addons folder from the old Mac you shouldn’t be coming up with missing stacks.

Otherwise, you’ll need to try and get every 3rd party stack you might have used or want to use from the vendors.
Many of the vendors have a lost purchase lookup.

Does this mean that those of us getting one of the new M1 Macs will need to run under Rosetta, @dan My 16" should be arriving in about two weeks.

RapidWeaver(latest release) by itself should run fine without Rosetta. From my understanding Stacks (latest release) also works fine.

However, some of the other plugins (sitemap plus for example) aren’t ready to run with the new chip. So if you have any of those plugins that aren’t ready you have to run RW under Rosetta.

So it’s not really an RW issue it’s the plugin developers that need to get fixes out.

What plugins have the universal build, I can’t tell you. There’s not many 3rd party plugins anymore, but if you have any older ones you’ll need to remove them.
@isaiah is the author of most of the plugins.


Thank you, Doug. Sounds like I’ll be temporarily disabling Sitemap plus and manually running Integrity Pro instead. Not a big deal. Very good to know.

Yes I can confirm, RapidWeaver and Stacks have both been updated and run natively on Apple M1.

I’m running RapidWeaver on a new 16" MacBook Pro right now and it’s super speedy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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