New Site built with Foundation

After what feels like ages this site is now live!
There maybe be some changes once parties who haven’t had involvement during
its development have a look but nothing beyond the addition/subtraction
of a couple of words.

Many thanks to @joeworkman @tav @isaiah and all at RealMac for for providing me with the tools to do this…you’re all friggin’ geniuses.
Not forgetting all at the Google+ community who’s never ending ability to pose and answer questions have driven half the features on this site.

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Very sweet site @PaulRussam, awesome use of Foundation. Brilliant work!

That’s really nice Paul. The only part I found a little strange was that the page seems a bit jumpy when I arrive at the text where it says “Success is a journey
not a destination”. Is that transition smooth for you?

@ashleykaryl That’s a small price I have to pay for getting the angled section as a header, if you look carefully it jumps up slightly as the header pins itself. I don’t think regular users will notice it, only us web heads look for stuff like that :smile:

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@PaulRussam I think you are right. I’ve been spending too much time analysing sites recently and it reaches a point where nothing is ever quite perfect and a site is never 100% finished.

Very nice! Well done.