New "Mailto" stack by Doobox


Mailto Form Stack

Generates a predefined mailto link, from a flexible form. No page, or server PHP required.
More info and a demo can be found here:


Had a look at your demo site; looks very nice!
Two questions: Can the messages “Fill out this field” and “Match the requested format” (which pop up when you forgot to fill out a field or filled it out in the wrong format) can be localized to one’s liking?
Also important: Can the text of the template which prefills the E-Mail window be localized? Currently the headers there are named “Phone”, “Subject” and “Message”, which is quite useless for us here in Germany… :wink:

These are provided by the browser.

Yes. Simply change the titles of the fields by double clicking them in edit mode. The field titles are used in the body text of the generated email as the headers.


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