New Parallax Scene project

I’m adding a brand new project to the Parallax Scene package, all images are included. This one is using all the new animations and options added in the last update.

Product page:


Love it! Great stuff.

could not dl the manual, page does not exist
how do you get the animations to repeat in the boat/waves demo

I love this!

I was actually developing something VERY similar to this a couple of years ago with a friend but we couldn’t find the time to make it a go-er.

This will be my first ever Arky-type-on purchase.:wink:


@upssjw Manual is here:

The above example is included in the package, just re-download the examples. Link is the same and can be found in the readme file of the package.

If you need further help:

@Lucas Where are the demo files? I just bought the stack but there was no readme file or demo projects in the disk image that I downloaded.

Hi @garth just sent you the link in the support message :wink:

Thank you!