Parallax tutorials

Is there an up to date tutorial on using Parallax? The only one I can find is a video that demos an interface completely different to the one I have (which is the latest)? Thanks

There are several parallax products on offer including Joe Workmans, 1LD’s SeyDesigns and Shaking the Habitual. which on are you referring to?

ParallaxBack is what the download is called, is this sufficient? Thanks

I should add it is the Joe Workman version.

Everything that I available at this time is on the product page…

Thanks but the video I watched here has a different UI to the version I have, You show ‘Cover Body’, ‘Image Only’ and ‘Image + Content’. I only have ‘Image’ and ‘Cover Body’?

The stack was given a small makeover for v1.5. If you want content, you can enable it at the bottom. The stack is similar enough where you should not have any issues using it though.

OK thanks.

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