Parallax update seems to break stacks without the plugin

(Rico IJntema) #1

The latest update of parallax 1.6.1 (7822) @joeworkman seems to break stacks that do not even include the parallax stack.
For example an animate stack (foundation stack) within a section pro stack. The animation is disabled, all the animated content is display at the same time and the background image is removed. Anyone else with this issue?
It is visible in preview as well as online. I removed the new parallax plugin and reinstalled the former version and everything is back to normal.

(Clint Hansen) #2

I have the same issue. Contacted Joe Workman twice in the past week with no response. Thank you for your advice removing the updated parallax. I am not certain i still have the old version, but I uploaded a number of my sites before I realized it was a bad stack and I can not wait any longer. Hoping I still have it.

(Joe Workman) #3

(let’s use one thread)

(Rico IJntema) #4

If you didn’t empty your trash, it should still be in the trashcan :slight_smile:
Just delete the latest version from rapidweaver and replace it with the version in the trashcan. (rename to its original name: ParallaxBack.stack)

(Rico IJntema) #5

Of course you we’re busy with other things during the christmas holidays :-):grinning: Great that you will fix it, love the stack!

(Joe Workman) #6

I just released v1.6.2. I only had one person email in a URL for me to look at. Hopefully this fix will work for everyone.

Problem with Parallax from Joe Workman
(Rico IJntema) #7

It works for me, thanks!

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