Parallaxer stack - 1.5.0 update

Hi all,

Have just pushed out an update to our popular parallax stack Parallaxer!

Parallaxer is the easiest and most flexible parallax stack available and this new version brings with it 4 new direction options! So, along with being able to have the effect go up, down, left or right, you can now also have it move in each diagonal direction too!

Have put together a demo using Source to show off these new (and all existing) options! (You can also download this demo project file if you wish. It makes rather nice use of a single Source Grid stack to create all of those ‘sections’.)

If you don’t have it yet then Parallaxer is currently available in our Black Friday sale!

NOTE: This latest version uses much more efficient javascript code and support for Internet Explorer has been dropped. If you need the parallax effect on IE then either do not update to this latest version or contact me for a separate version that will not update.


I looked at the demo carefully, the effects shown are indeed subtle. My question is can one make them more gross? I would tend to make them more visible myself. Is there a setting that allows you to make them more visible? I’m interested.

Yes - the ‘Scale’ option allows you to change how great the effect is. The Scale section in the Demo shows the same image with different scales applied.

Also the Header section has a larger scale applied too.

You may see it better on the product page or even this other demo page.

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