New photo albums say home, old said index

I have just updated an old site created with version 3 using version 6, adding some photo albums. I managed to figure out things I had forgotten, and everything went well, except that the navigation buttons on each image in a gallery says ‘index’ (or ‘previous’ or ‘next’) on the albums I made a long time ago, and now the word ‘home’ is used to return to the album’s thumbnail page. I can’t find anywhere to edit this. Any suggestions? If I could edit the source instead of just view it, I could fix this. I would rather not have to change and publish the site manually when RW is able to publish the whole thing.

I don’t remember RW6 (8 is current and 9 isn’t far off).

But in In the page inspector:

Many thanks. It should have been obvious, had I looked a little further, but I had spent a long time on it already. Thanks again, and also to Rapidweaver for making it easy.

Yes, it was the same in v.6, and only took a minute to make consistent once I knew how. Thanks!

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