Oops- where's my site?

I just upgraded to the most recent version of Rapid Weaver version 8.2 and did a few mods to my site.
Now it won’t load photos or anything except a text mess like this.

Nothing else was changed. Anyone have any ideas how I can get my website to load properly? Thanks in advance.

Riley Wilson

What you’re getting is an index listing because you don’t have an index.html or an index.php file. It appears that the name for the homepage might have gotten renamed. There’s an index2.php and a home.html?

How do I change that?

On the homepage go to the page inspector and the file name should be index.html or index.php. Now I bet it’s either home.html or index2.php.

You also might look at turning off the ability to get an index listing like that. It’s kind of a security thing.

The home Page says index.html Here is a screen shot. Thanks.

You might try republish all files.
You also have some strange stuff out there that might indicate you have been hacked:

I nuked everything but the public_html, did a install from scratch and it looks fine. Thanks very much!

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