Responsive Themes in ver. 7

My current site is losing rankings on Google because it is not responsive and no longer showing up in searches. I was considering hiring a web designer, but decided to try ver 7. Can someone recommend a theme that is good for showcasing photography and is responsive. I prefer a black background if possible. Thanks!

One that came to mind for me was Nick Cates’ Iris theme. It is billed as being a photocentric theme, with a few different built in layout options. He also has a Photo stack which is getting lots of good reviews.

Having said that, there are TONS of responsive themes available. If you check out the gallery on the Community site, you can see sites built with Rapidweaver and if ; any sites jump out at you and see which theme they’re using. You can also browse themes on the Community site here:

It is a lot to all sift through if you’re brand new so, if you have some more detail on what you want, maybe others could help narrow your focus a bit.

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Thanks jabostick, that gets me started and thanks for directing me to the gallery.


Created my photography club website using Foundation and The Photos stack. Turned out great I think. Http://

Damn autocorrect

head over to Need the vertical functionality of this site at filemaker I am sure you will find something