NEW! Seams - Fancy Slants, Angle, and Curves for your website background

Seams provides lovely transitions between content sections on your webpages. It contains over 50 static and dynamic seams that are a breeze to configure. All seams are SVGs in order to ensure that your webpages are crisp across all devices. Seams gives you full creative control by allowing you to overlay seams on top of each other, creating a custom seam just for your site.


Way cool! Any promotion/introduction price? I will buy it nonetheless but I hope you don’t mind asking :slight_smile:

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The same question Joe, an introduction price always helps :blush:

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Yes. The introductory price is $19.95. I don’t plan raising the price at this time. I hope that you enjoy Seams!


@joeworkman Instant purchase for me!!!:blush:

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Thanks Jean! I can’t wait to see what you are building with it. I’ve already seen a few very creative uses already.

Just to let you know…on weaver space…the demo project is not there.

Thanks Joe! Fixed.

Shipped a minor update today. Seams v1.1.1 fixes some issues with reordering some of the child paths inside Seams.

Seams animation test with BWD SectionsPro


Paul, you never cease to amaze me :smile:


That is pretty awesome!

I would love to see the project file for that.


Beautiful stack Joe ! I bought it right away after watching the video :smiley: … Pretty cool: can’t wait to make some lovely design on my site with it!

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It’s great. I can find a use on all of my sites!
Joe, I loved the personal touch.

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Email should be going out to everyone now. Made this fun video for it today.

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…I’d second that request :blush:

Great stack - already having fun with it. Thanks Joe

$ 19.95 !.. :worried:

A fair price for such a stack imho.