New Skin ... can we also turn off the character limits?

Not digging the new skin here… I just turned 38 so maybe I am just getting old but its tough to read…

Prefs to the rescue

@joeworkman Here we go, try this…

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The standard theme now does not have a top left Realmac Software sign. Well, it’s white text above white background :wink:


oh yes! that feels so good.

DARK MODE ALL OF THE THINGS!!! :exclamation: :bangbang: :black_large_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square: :black_large_square:

@joeworkman char limit lowered from 20 to 5 :+1:


A mix of the two means of control:

Classic Theme + Custom Safari style sheet

	background: #333333 !important;

Oh yeah!