New theme, but foreground box not transparent

Hi, I’m very much a novice, so I’m probably making a very simple error. I bought a theme pack from Multithemes.

I particularly liked the theme ‘Duccio’ - Duccio RapidWeaver Theme
and the theme ‘Hoa’ HOA RapidWeaver Theme

On those demo pages, the script is in a box that has a transparent background allowing you to see an image behind. However when I make the page, my script appears in a big white box which covers virtually the whole picture behind. I can see how to change the colour of the box by selecting ‘page background’ and picking a new colour, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for transparent.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

I replied to your email, each theme has options to support the blurred image, the reference image is the RW banner image. Demo projects offer examples for each option.

If you send me a URL or a screenshot via email I can help you



in HOA the top side is managed by Extracontent

in Styles text plugin unse this code:

<div id="myExtraContent1">
 your text nere
 </div><!-- #myExtraContent —>

in Stacks use the Free Exacontent stack ( in the DMG)
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Hi, thanks for your efforts. I’ve installed the Extracontent stack as advised. The only thing left to add now is the code you’ve given me. Once again, apologies for the lack of knowledge, but where is the Styles Text Plugin I should type that into?
Many thanks

Rather embarrassingly I seem to have stumbled onto the answer. I’m just not to sure how. However, now I have it going, I’ve saved it as a different website, so at the very worst and I somehow loose it, I can go back to it again. Thanks again.

you can use extracontent in RW classic pages as Styled text and in this case just insert the code in the page.

<div id="myExtraContent1">
 your text nere
 </div><!-- #myExtraContent —>

If you use the stacks plugin instead you have to install the “extracontent” stack available with the theme and then, (in pages created with Stacks plugin) drag the stack into the page and then populate it.

In the DMG file you can find also a demo project with not demos.