New - Waves stack!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks @Fuellemann


while you consider certain updates, could you think about adding a height option like you have in your Stars Banner stack?

There it is completely unnecessary.

What is unnecessary, and why is it unnecessary?

Some of your stacks are interesting, but you’ve got a lousy skill set for customer service.

If a customer would like a wave height to be higher or lower, why not accommodate that if you can?

Seriously, why not give your stack greater utility if you can and especially if your customers are asking for it? It would give your stack greater value as well as raise your standing with end users.

At the same time if customers want the speed of the waves to be variable, and you can do that, why not do that?

Why be combative with your customers? How does that increase your value with us?

Your Waves Stack is interesting and different. I do have a project where I could use it so I bought it, but right now I’m just not looking for Wondrousss to be a great partner to help me solve web design problems.

I want to, as I’m sure many others do as well, but you’re somewhat difficult.

Instead, I’ll stay with @willwood, @joeworkman, @nickcates, @Elixir, and several others.

I encourage you to please follow their lead, and I’ll be the first one to cheer you on because I want you to succeed.

And don’t take shots at people with different ability levels. I also have a family member with dyscalculia.


David, thank you for your purchase and your opinion.
I did not write that I would not do this or that, if it works out, then of course I will.

For example, the question of height. This stack is supposed to be used as a banner or something like that. So its height will depend on its content.

The question of checking for robots seems to have already been resolved.

P.S. And yes, not always other developers add something with lightning speed.

I also bought your stack with a specific website in mind - it can temporarily be seen here (once it goes live, it will live at its own address).

As for height and speed - I can see the need for both. As you can see, I am not using it as a banner of sorts, but instead as a means of breaking up sections on a one page site. It works well, but I’d love it if I could make it shorter and slower for the middle sections of the site. As it is now, I’m using static images instead.


Yes, that is what I would use it for as well…

Dave, try making a background image on the Waves stack, at the top of the page, and others (which are inside) a transparent background. or doesn’t it work (for others)?

And, i will repeat, probably, but I did not write that I would not do something and update, but not all at once.

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Thanks, Wondrous,

For the top installation, I am not able to make the bottom of the image transparent because it’s actually an Impact slide. I could make it transparent, but depending upon the ratio of the screen being viewed on, it most likely won’t look good.

I’m happy with the stack - but if you’re able to offer the slight changes Jan requested, great. If not, that’s fine too. :slight_smile:

Ok, about speed. Just three switches (slow, default, fast), or set the values yourself?


Depends what is doable. I would opt for having both, so you cover beginners and experts. If only one, then free values and a tooltip to show default values for slow, default, fast to get a hang of the speeds.


Version 1.0.4:
Added wave height adjustment.
Added wave speed setting.


Thank you!!!

Great! Thanks!

Version 1.0.5:

Added parallax effect.
You can enable the parallax effect when a picture is used as the background (in cover mode).

Added padding for inner content (inner place).
If you need to make height without content inside the stack, then you can specify padding at the top and bottom.


Nicely done. Thank you.

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Yes, thank you.

Greatly appreciated and looking forward to whatever is next!

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Version 1.0.7:

  • :loudspeaker::exclamation:Changed the select of position of the waves. Now, when choosing the location (type) of the waves, the content remains in place. Sorry, one minus, you will need to add content again if it has disappeared.
  • Added Waves Margin by which waves can cover the contents.
  • Small fix.