Newbie question; How to return to older version of project?


Somehow I managed to lost my contact information page on my project.
-> I got info picture instead on RW page that said plugin is missing. Well, I replaced missing plugin with new contact page but all info was gone.

Side bar info with photo + metatag description was not lost, everything else was from contact page.
Plugging was lost while I was editing text trough Inspector, and by hitting Cmd + delete instead of dash to reduce size. Too much speed to not stop reading warning box.

Is there a way to get lost work/page back? Trough RW?
Would hate to lose good work.

I am running
OSX 10.12.4
Using Voyager theme is that matters
No Time machine backup, (for that I need new external harddrive for old one does not work well with new computer)

If your project has been previously published to a server, you could probably copy/paste the data from there to an actual project you are working on. But if it hasn’t been published and you don’t have any kind of backup, I’m afraid you are out of luck.

In cases like this one, it is better to immediately quit RW without saving. After that, relaunch RW. The changes that you’ve made prior to hitting a wrong key would be lost, but the damage would be reverted. For reasons like this one, I have automatic saving disabled in preferences.

To avoid problems in connection with a lack of backup, I have a habit of uploading my zipped project to my server. That is in addition to using Time Machine.

Thank you so much for your kind reply.
I had to rebuild page for it was not yet published to server nor unsaved. These options are good to know for future. On the plus side, I am waiting a new AirPort TimeCapsule to arrive.

If you turned RW7’s backup feature on you would have a folder on your server with a backup of your project in it. It’s easy to spot. Also if you change the name of your project with v2, v3 etc at the end and publish it you would get all the versions saved.