Newbie User Interface Question - Resources

The manual has a section (more like a small paragraph) titled “User Interface” which says practically nothing at all. Could use a basic screen grab with the different parts of the screen labeled and defined. What’s the big deal about including something like this?

TO SPECIFICS: The Left side of the screen (what is it called?) has Pages and Resources. How does one actually use the Resources? I added a bunch of .jpg files to this Resources area and then went to a Photo Album page. Intuition would lead one to drag the files in the resource area which one wanted in the album to rows on the Photo Album page, but this does not do anything. I know I could drag the files to the album directly from my desktop, but then What Is The Point of this Resources area on the left side of the page?

Isn’t this a basic part of the user interface – so why isn’t it explained in the manual (or if it’s there, where is it?)?

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I searched and found this thread hoping for an answer. So my question - and yours - is apparently still unanswered.

@gnurotic, @chicago

  1. The pane on the left with the pages and resources is called Source List (It has 2 sections A. Site Settings - wrench Icon and B. Pages & Resources - Layered page icon)

2a. Resources, have been covered many many times in the forum and there is an FAQ here.

2b. You can drag and drop files (imaged, documents, pdf’s, etc) in to the Resource folder. You CANNOT drag these to the document. Joe Workman has an older Podcast that shows some hints and tricks with RapidWeaver, although most of them are with RapidWeaver 5.x but will still apply to RapidWeaver 6. I can’t remember which video it is but the series as a whole is GREAT!


There are some FREE video tutorials on the Community Site for RapdWeaver as well, can’t remember if the Resources one is a subscription video or a Free video, but there are other free video’s on there for the beginner as well.

YouTube and Vimeo have a bunch of tutorials as well for Free (Search for RapidWeaver or a specific developer such as Joe Workman)

Hope that helps


Thanks for taking your time to respond.

I will check out the links you so kindly provided.

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No problem @chicago and welcome to the community, come back if you have more questions :slightly_smiling: or just want to peruse the forums for hints and tips, the folks around here are very giving and friendly.


2a. Resources, have been covered many many times in the forum and there is an FAQ here.

FAQ link is broken

Happy Easter @manofdogz

Unfortunately yes, almost all links to RapidWeaver FAQ pages are broken except for those going to the Release Notes and the Community Resources as the site is being redeveloped. I read that they were working at putting the FAQ’s back online but time frame unknown.


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Seems way back machine has a cache of sorts…