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Newbie here. I am interested in making a web site with a list of links to news articles. Similar to the following:

I would find the links and paste them in myself.

Of course I wan to put in ads as well.

How can I get RW to author such a site?

From a quick look, there is not much complexity going on with those sample sites. Pretty straightforward stuff, really.

Asking a question like “how can I use rw to build a site” is a bit broad and shallow. What part of building such a site are you troubled by? Theme selection? RW toolkit? How to set up/curate links? Bring us closer to what you’re stuck on.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Sadly I am really just beginning.

What I’d like to do is use RW to author a site with links to news articles and for advertisements.

If this is as easy as using a template that that’d work. But I don’t see one.

If you think of Excel I’d have the header in row 1, ads in column 1, links in columns 2,3 and 4, rows 2…30, and ads in column 5 and a footer in row 31. (like the drudge link) Other than that maybe just one column with links and the other two for ads like the Macdaily link.

I’m thinking like you the this seems pretty simple. Is there a video that would explain this? I bought that option.

Ok. If you have just bought RW then I would suggest you nip over to YourHead and take a look at the Stacks plugin for Rapidweaver. It will make your website designing and building life considerably easier.

Stacks (the plugin) comes with a suite of fairly basic, but highly usable and compose-able stacks elements. Note the difference in capitalisation to differentiate between the main plugin and the elements. As you are describing how you would lay your page out using Excel, you could add columns and text, headers and images into your page by just dragging a dropping the appropriate element wherever (more or less) you need it. That will help immensely with your layout.

You can then experiment with different themes; as you will have perhaps detected a number of themes ship with RapidWeaver. Some ok, some dreadful. The Stacks add-on will help to bring them to life for you much faster than without it.

I realise you are possibly thinking ‘what is this? I’ve just bought RW and now at the very first question I’m being sent to buy more stuff?’. Yes and no. Yes, in that Stacks will help you get more bang for your buck out of Rapidweaver. No, in the sense that you don’t need to buy it, but if you choose not to and you don’t know html/css and so on (or markdown) then you might be in for a slightly bumpy ride. Maybe you could get away with using a styled text page, but most don’t.

Have a look around the forums, check out the add-ons:

There are vast numbers of stacks elements and themes available now. Take your time and choose wisely.

Spend some time planning what you will need and so on and be gentle with yourself. These forums are pretty friendly and there are helpful folks here too. Practice, try lots of things and the vision will come.

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I would add to @klaatu 's excellent advice to check the free tutorial videos at and also possibly consider some of the paid ones as well if they seem like they would be helpful to you.

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Yes, good call @thang
I noticed this the other day too. It’s currently £11.99

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