No comment and no answer ForeGround (Rapidcart pro)

Hi there, I’m stuck with Rapidcart Pro. The only thing i wanted is a very simple basic method to calculate selling-prices for my product. I’ve explained my problem next in this topic.

Why can’t i get any answers from the Foreground crew (the creators of Rapidcart). On their site the say “We try and respond to all support requests within 24 hours Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00 CET.”
I’m now waiting for about 14 days to even get an sign of life. Wake-up Please!!!

hi there, I want to sell our cheese-products and i created a product-database in RCP4

My product has a “version-price” of €10,00 per kilo
The customer must select how many grams they want to buy and can choose between 250, 500, 750 grams or 1 kilo.
I’ve created an optionlist that is called “weight-list” and have the weights entered in the options-list.
i’m calculated every weight-choise to their right value ( 1 kilo = €10,00. 500 gram = €5,00 and so on)

Is there an method or option to calculate the prices belonging to the weight-list automatic?
At the moment when i’m changing a product-price (from €10,00 per kilo to €11,00 per kilo) i must recalculate every option by hand and
that also for my complete product-database. That can’t be the right method i think??

Is there an syntax for that just like " ( [product-price / 100] * selectedweight ) "

Thanks for your help.

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Rob has just had a new baby, so I believe that’s taking most of his time.

Hopefully some of the other clever folks on the forum will chime in.

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3 days on the forum and also no reaction. Are on the forum no users of Rapidcart active that give some help?
My problem isn’t that difficult, but i need the right syntax to create that weight-list that uses an formula to calculate every price in the product database to their choosen weight.