Stacks Status Update

Status Update: I’m not dead yet!
But I have been MIA from the RapidWeaver forum for quite a while.

Firstly I want to apologize, I haven’t been able to keep up with forum questions and my email support queue is sadly behind. Please know that I’m working hard to try to catch all things back up. I expect it to improve quite a bit very soon.

This summer has been hard one for my family health-wise. It started with a minor surgery myself, then an emergency appendectomy for my son, then travel to California to take care of my mom, plus some other stuff too private to talk about. Surprisingly, no COVID related illnesses – but it feels like somehow we got hit with just about everything else all at once.

I think I’m finally seeing some light at the end of this tunnel. I’m still working from a hotel room right now – but I hope for not too much longer. I’m giving 150% of myself every single day – with a little bit of luck I think it will start to show some signs of normalcy in a couple weeks.

Until then, please be a bit patient with me.



A bit of a status update on Stacks development too:

  • I’m working on a small bug-fix update to repair a couple of bugs we’ve known about for a few weeks. I hope to ship this one soon after I return home.

  • But most of my coding effort is on the next major changes to Stacks. These changes will be large – both in terms of what it does for users, and what it does for developers. But it’s still months away, so I don’t think I should say any more for now.

  • I’m working to get nearer to inbox zero again and when I do reach there I’ll try to participate on the forum a bit more.


Truely relieved to see you back here in the forums, though saddened to hear how much you and your family had to go through.

I know, the “150%” thing is just a saying, or maybe a very ‘US’ attitude, but I think it is the wrong narrative: you don’t have to make up for the hardship you already endured. It is the community to understand special circumstances and accept consequences on our side in solidarity - that’s our small contribution, and be it only patience :wink:

Welcome back


@isaiah – While you’re embroiled in all that work, do not neglect your physical wellbeing. Go for regular walks, bike riding and other activities in nature. Sitting all day and/or night at the computer will only make you more prone to sickness and will make you age too quickly.


@Rovertek - you couldn’t be any more right. i think i had to watch a couple other people hit the pandemic burnout wall before i realized i wasn’t really giving myself much self care either and was spiraling down that drain.

i have this old nerve damage problem that makes a lot of exercise really painful – so i’ve definitely become soft in the middle and all but stopped moving for a few years.

but the pandemic finally broke me out of my slump. i’m back to exercising regularly, even if it hurts (even if it hurts a lot). i even brought my around town bike with me on this little excursion.

so, after i push the Send button on this post i’m just going to get on my bike and ride over to a cafe – but i get bonus points because i’m at 6900ft (2100m) above sea level!!! i’ve been here for a week, but still haven’t acclimated at all. my lungs hurt already. i’m going to sit there and keep drinking cappuccinos until i finish this little class (yes. it’s part of stacks. what else. LOL). wish me luck.



Good you’re back. I missed you already.

Hope you and your friends and family get well soon.

If there is anything we can do, just let us know.



Sincerely, all the best!!!
We are living in a strange moment in history.

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Appreciated. Thanks.

At this point there isn’t much to be done – I’m needed for a little physical support and a lot of emotional support.

But good news: even though I’m away from my desk – I brought a bunch of gear with me on the road. I have a two-monitor setup and I’m typing on a nice mechanical keyboard. So things are not all bad. :smiley:

I’m still behind in my support queue – but I feel like I’m catching up quickly now that I can dedicate a solid chunk of time to real work again.



If it’s Cherry Browns I’ll never use Stacks again.

Take care @isaiah !

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Take your time master!


You are you are loved and appreciated for all you have done and continue to do for the RW community.

I wish there was something we could do for you!



Hope you and your family heal fast. Thanks for all that you do for the RW community!

Thanks for the update, hope you’ll be on track with your health and business

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