'noindex' help - i dont want and crawling!

hey not sure if im posting in the correct area - but ive got a super simple site and i dont want any SEO or search engine crawling at all (at this time)
ive searched around the internet for a couple hours and i cant figure out how to accomplish this

im using rapidweaver, with stacks, and foundry

i cant figure out WHERE to add the meta tags, what formatting they should be, or even if thats the way to do it.
i dont want to buy extra plugins or stacks to do this right now

all the videos im finding are using older versions of RW ad things look different than in the newest version
if someone could offer some help it would be much appreciated!
and yes im a NOOB - so please assume i dont know how to do anything related to this

Just uncheck the Index This Page and Follow Links boxes:

oh, thats all?
i assumed that ‘no information’ defaults to default automatic scanning with google…?


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