Not able to publish?

Hi, I am new to RW, and I’m having some trouble publishing my website.

It was built on a very old version of RW, I have since built a new website using version 9.2.1, and I keep trying to publish it, but the old website is still all I see when I go to it.

It doesn’t say there’s any problems and seems like it’s working fine when I publish in RW.

Any idea for what I should do here? The website is

Deleted the old pages on the server beforehand?
Have you cleared the browser cache yet?
Or reloaded the pages in the browser?

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I cleared browser cache, and reloaded the pages in browser, still showing old website.

How do I delete the old pages on the server? Would I need to go onto my old computer to do that? (i’ts a 2013 desktop Mac that barely works)

First off, beautiful tattoo work. If I were in BC I’d def check your shop out.

Second, does the below screenshot look like your old website or your new website?

Thank you very much! I appreciate that!

Yes that is the old website.

Ok, so looks like you only have an index.html page for the home page (I don’t see an index.php page), so one possibility is you might be uploading the website to the wrong directory/folder at your web host. Looks like you might be hosting with iPage.

If you log into your hosting account, can you check which folder your website should be uploaded to? If that’s the only website you are hosting on your account, you’d usually want to upload to the public_html directory/folder per their guide here If you are hosting multiple websites on your hosting account, that guide also shows you how to see which folder the websites are pointing to so you know which folder you’d want to upload your site to.

Once you’ve got that folder you should be uploading your website to, in RapidWeaver’s publishing settings you can click on the “Browse” button next to the Path field to select the folder your website will be uploaded to.

Can you confirm what you have entered in the “Path” field, and that it matches the correct folder you should be uploading to?

Thank you for your help Dan! Website is up and running now :slight_smile:

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No problem, yep the new site is loading for me now too.

Congrats on the redesign, if you need any help with anything else post here on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: