Not Happy With My E-Commerce Plug In

(Micah Levy) #1

Hi Rapwidweaver Users:

I’ve done some pretty amazing things with Rapidweaver and I’m very happy with its system, its framework.

That being said, I have not found a really great e-commerce plug-in. The one I have attempted to use gives me all sorts of inexplicable grief. I’ve been working on a page for several days and it just doesn’t work.

So, I’d like to ask you to do me a huge favor:
Please tell me about your add-on E-Commerce Solution only if you really love it and please share a link to your website where you use it. FYI, I’m ONLY in interested in using PayPal.

Thanks so much!


(Joe Martin) #2

I am a PaySnap guy…works like a champ: Select KitFox
Note: this is just an in progress site.

(Micah Levy) #3

Thanks for your input! Thanks for your service!!


(system) #4

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