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(Dan) #1

Need help with a plugin? This is the place to ask.

(Sylwia) #2

Ive managed to use Rapidweaver, build myself my web. Big cheerio as its fab and ive founded so much easier then Wordpress exc. But Am still blond in many ways.
I use sofisticated themes. Im in the proces changing it slightly At the mo.
I would Like to add a blog page to it. Am guessing i need sort of plugins etc.
What would You recomend?
Am hapy to educated myself about it? Where to?
Am after posting video on it, little tutorials about Makeup/hair ect.
Social media ect.
Basically, am after smart page, to get more viewers.
Any thoughts, recommendation.
Thank you

(Robert King) #3

Hello Dan, I need help with a plugin. I am trying to purchase RapidCart Pro. My payment was declined but my bank shown no request for payment. The company is non US and I suspect the payment gateway rejected the payment. I can find no way to contact the company 4gnd or have an alternate ways to purchasing this product. Can you help me with my plugin problem?

(Doug Bennett) #4

The support page for Rapidcart Pro https://help.4gnd.com
Email help@4gnd.com