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Ive managed to use Rapidweaver, build myself my web. Big cheerio as its fab and ive founded so much easier then Wordpress exc. But Am still blond in many ways.
I use sofisticated themes. Im in the proces changing it slightly At the mo.
I would Like to add a blog page to it. Am guessing i need sort of plugins etc.
What would You recomend?
Am hapy to educated myself about it? Where to?
Am after posting video on it, little tutorials about Makeup/hair ect.
Social media ect.
Basically, am after smart page, to get more viewers.
Any thoughts, recommendation.
Thank you

Hello Dan, I need help with a plugin. I am trying to purchase RapidCart Pro. My payment was declined but my bank shown no request for payment. The company is non US and I suspect the payment gateway rejected the payment. I can find no way to contact the company 4gnd or have an alternate ways to purchasing this product. Can you help me with my plugin problem?

The support page for Rapidcart Pro https://help.4gnd.com
Email help@4gnd.com

Not new to web development, however I am new to RapidWeaver since its included in Setapp. So, i cannot figure out how to add/Upload Plugins. after I “install”, theyre never loaded in RapidWeaver. Help please!

Welcome to the forum Tevin,

A plugin is simply a type of page. So if you add a plug-in you should see it appear in the list when you click on the + button to add a new page.