Not publishing changes

I have had no issues with republishing changes to my website…however, today, when I republish, the new changes are not published. I am using RW 7.5.5…is there a server issue? No other changes. Worked perfectly yesterday…thanks

Did you get any error messages when publishing?
Have you tried clearing your browsers cache or using a different browser or computer?

Disregard…working ok now…thanks

Sorry…my bad…I am using GoDaddy…no error messages, same browser and mac computer

Just tried it on Safari…changes were made…Chrome not working to save changes…???

If I understand what you’re saying, the changes are working on Safari but not on chrome?

If changes appear on one browser but not another it’s probably because of cache. Clear the browsers cache and try again.

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Ok…will let you know…thx

That did the trick…thanks Doug

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