Not sure what is broken

Since I created my web site (, I have updated Rapidweaver to 8.7 and stacks to 4.?When I publish my site now, several of the functions do not work. I have currently brought back a backup of the site files. When I publish to my test site (, it has the same problems. I have no clue where to start troubleshooting. Maybe giving a list of the stacks not functioning my assist me getting help. My service is 1and1.

Sticky menu
Photo Pro
Slide stack (shows a spinning circle)

Thanks in advance
Bob Simoneau

It could be that some stacks need updating to work with Stacks 4. It could also be that some of the older (no longer available) stacks won’t work with Stacks 4. I’d go to each of the developers websites where you got the stacks to see if they’re compatible with Stacks 4, and if updates are available.

Before all that, you should check through RapidWeaver itself to see if there are available updates.

Joe Workman took over Nick Cate’s stacks (Photo Pro) and issued some updates, but I can’t locate any info on his website about it now.

I can see now from my records, that I updated to stacks 4 back on 8/2/2019, and built my working site on 10/18/2020. Therefore I assume stacks is not the problem. I will check to see when I updated to the latest Rapidweaver.

The Slide stack is from Yuzool, and it’s now part of his Oak Bundle (no longer in development). It probably hasn’t had an update in years.

Thanks for all the help, my problem is fixed, but I don’t know what the problem was. I used Time machine to take my Rapidweaver, Addons, and stack folder back to 10/14/2020. This solved the problem. I then updated one stack at a time to try to troubleshoot, but nothing broke the system. I am all up to date and everything is working. Go figure.

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