RapidWeaver on launch claims Stacks is missing

I have not modified one of my RW websites for some time and when I launched it I got a message noting that Stacks was missing. In Preview, nearly all of the pages are blank. I also got a dialog box noting that Stacks needed upgrading which I checked off. I assumed that this would upgrade Stacks, but so far nothing has changed. I am using RW v7.5.7.

Can someone tell me how to determine which version of Stacks I am currently running? Thanks for any help provided.

Hi Phillip,

I’m not at my Mac right now, but if I remember correctly, you can find the addons manager up in the menu items. I don’t remember in RW7 where the version number shows. RW8 reworked the addons manager and been using it for over a year now.

I’m assuming that since it’s been a while since you’ve used RapidWeaver you’re probably using stacks 3?

You can download the latest version of stacks 3.6.9 here:

Just download it and drag it onto the RapidWeaver icon(while RapidWeaver is running) on the dock.

You may need to reenter the stacks serial number. You can look it up at with the link at the bottom of this page:


Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, you are correct that I was using Stacks 3. I have always tried to support Isaiah so I upgraded to Stacks 4. On relaunch, Preview came back to life. Great!

The reason I originally decided to launch this particular RW website was that two images were missing from the home or index webpage. Strangely enough, that issue persists. I looked on my server and both images are in the home_files folder with the other images that do appear on this index page. (FireFox actually provides the image # when the website is launched. Safari does not.)

At any rate, I appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you have had this issue in the past, I would like to know how you resolved it.

Thanks again,

P.S. Should have added this: http://www.pabriles.com

I can’t see what’s on the server in the files directory (I don’t have access). I can tell you that http://www.pabriles.com/files/stacks-image-B268CFE-91.jpg and the other don’t exist with those file names.

If you can find the images on the server double-check the file names. I’d also copy them back to your Mac.


I viewed the index page just as you did and you’re right, the missing images are highlighted in red font. Here is a grab of the homes_files folder which contains these images on my server.


I’ve never had this issue before. Thanks for your continued help.

If you look at the directory name: home_files.
then look at the URL:
The Directory it’s looking for is files not home_files.

Look for a directory called files in the root directory of the site.


Thanks again for your continued help.

I took a look at the “files” folder as you suggested and the non-appearing images were in that folder as well. I noticed that the image names of the images that were appearing contained caps. The images that were not appearing were in lower case. I modified the file names to caps and the images appeared on the index page on refresh.

I may be wrong, but I do not think this solves my problem because once I republish, the stack-image names will once again resort back to lower case and I’ll be back to square one. I think the best solution is to just rebuild this website when I have time. At the moment, I am very short on time.

I have learned quite a bit and now know what the problem was - or still is. I sincerely appreciate your help.


Not sure how the filenames got changed. It looks like you are using a plain stacks image stack, right?

If you double click on the image in edit mode Stacks 4:

Then in the inspector(right-side) give it a meaningful File Name and definitely fill in the alt tag for accessibility.

Then Click done:

You’ll have to Cleanout what’s on the server now and then republish all files.

You also are using a defender stack to try to provide protection on the images. I would get rid of them. They don’t protect anything and can cause issues. I just copied and resized one of the images in less than a minute.



Thank you so much for your in-depth response.

One question: Is there a way to see the name of the image(s) that are currently being used on a RW website?

I think I recall that RW used to have a Resoures folder that contained all of the images used on that website. My version of RW8 displays no such folder. The Image Inspector Title is blank, which is probably my fault, but I hope there is some way to determine the name of the image being used.

Thanks again.

RapidWeaver 8 Totally reworked the Resources. There is now a button at the top instead of a folder. If you are using stacks 4 with RW8 and drag an image to the page it will default to a new stack called “site image”. That image is stored in the RW8 resources.

The old stack 3 “image” stack is still available, and if you started with those on an older project than the images will be the older stack. Those images if I remember were store internally by stacks and could not be seen in the resource folder. So the names, if assigned by stacks weren’t readily available.

The new site image names can be changed in the Resource Dropdown.

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Okay, got it! I found and opened the Resources pane. There were only eight images within, but that’s fine for now. I soon hope to have all of this projects images in this folder.

I have learned a TON about RW8 thanks to your kind and generous help. I will report back as I make progress.

Thanks again for your help.

P.S. Forgot to note that, yes, I am using Defender and will delete it as you suggested and begin with a clean slate. Thanks!

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