'Nothing to Install' message

When opening RW8 projects I frequently get a pop up with the message: “the bundle (project name) doesn’t contain anything that needs to be installed”. I click OK and the project doesn’t open. What’s all that about?

Issue Solved. It happens if you try to open a RW8 Project but only the RW7 App is open. If both are closed, RW8 will just open normally, but an open RW7 app seems to block RW8 from opening.


that’s very abnormal. RW7 doesn’t not know how to open files with the .rw8 extension. you can’t even drop an .rw8 file onto the RW7 app – the app will reject it and the Finder won’t allow the drop.

Here’s a grab. RW7 is open. RW8 is closed. I am trying to open an RW8 project


It’s not a major issue in practice. RW8 projects open fine directly with RW8 or automatically when RW7 is closed.

I have always noticed this issue. If you have one version of RW and try to open a project file from a different version of RW it does this. I always thought this was a way macOS did it, as RapidWeaver is the only app I have multiple versions installed on, as I need to do support. I have RW 5-8 installed on two of my computers.

It’s not only different versions, I keep multiple releases of the same version too… For sanity I always rename my RW app including the version and build. When I open a project I use the right click “open with” so I can assure the intended version is in use.

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