Nothing's changed with 6.3.5

So have just downloaded 6.3.5 and nothing seems to have corrected. Still no tools & resources sidebar, no thumbnails of my webpages on my desktop, lost one page of my earlier webpage and this was replaced with a webpage from an entirely different theme, click on text page and it goes to a blog page - just lots of really random stuff happening here. Anyone having similar trouble? Anyone with any suggestions?

@Damjanovska, what version of RW did you upgrade from? Are you using Stacks, if yes, what version? What version of OSX?

Did you follow the upgrade steps as outlined here

As for the sidebar, can you move your mouse to the left edge of RW and see a bar & arrow? If yes, click and drag the pane open.

As for thumbnails, they are an issue in 6.3.5, you can download the 6.3.6 GM beta, please note in RW Preferences there is now an option to save thumbnail of site.

As for importing pages from different project files, it sounds like you have some data corruption going on, perhaps do a restart and verify your HDD. This sort of issue is not one that I have seen reported prior, so it likely is an issue with your machine.

Lastly, there were some issues with 6.3.4 that this fixed


Thanks to Turtle and all others on the thread <Cannot access the Inspector in RW 6.3.4>, all is good and fixed. Fantastic community here.

Awesome to hear things are all fixed up @Damjanovska and yes, the community here is very awesome.

Happy Weaving