Pages & Resources has gone!

(tim parsons) #1

Hi all, a calamity has happened, Cmd + 2 doesnt do anything and View/Pages & Resources doesnt work either !!! what have i broken now ? LOL

is there a way of resetting RW 6 to get the default settings ?

No matter what i do, i cannot see the Page List for my current project !!!

Can anyone please advise ?


(Jason Bostick) #2

I havent had this happen myself but there’s a suggestion here

(tim parsons) #3

@nikf @dan @jabostick thanks Jason that worked perfectly, thanks.
BUT it has however revealed something that doesnt work correctly in MY RW6.3.8 :-
such as CMD 1 and CMD 2, doesnt do anything at all, also View/Page&Resources does nothing !!!
however both these operations are activated by Hide/Show Source List !!! that surely cant be correct ?


(Brad Halstead) #4


When in doubt, reboot the Mac and try again :wink:


(tim parsons) #5

@Turtle thanks Brad, no luck there, i already did that a couple of times.

I have also got a non RW6 problem on my MacBookPro, i dont think they can be connected, but i can never open Mail the normal way, i nearly always have to select “New Viewer Window” !!!


(Brad Halstead) #6


Sounds to me like you have a OSX or Hardware problem, hopefully an OSX problem.

Do a backup and reinstall your OSX would be my first suggestion or if you’re by an apple store, a genius bar visit might be in order…


(tim parsons) #7

@Turtle good suggestion Brad, my MBP is only a 2 weeks old, i migrated everything, including OS X from my old MBP, the old one also had the same problem, so obviously i should Re-Install OS X :slight_smile:


(Simon Maddox) #8

Try holding the Option key when launching RapidWeaver. There’s a box you can tick to reset the project window - that should sort it out.

(tim parsons) #9

@simon thanks a lot for that buddy, never seen that instruction before, and sure enough it has done the job.