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Hi all, I’ve been scouring through the forums and done a bit of googling too but I can’t seem to find an answer for this one…
I would like to add a noticeboard to a website along these lines.

  1. A list of published notices with a read more option in a sidebar (or column) - this is a bit like the archives for a blog and the number of notices displayed can be set.
  2. The most recent notice can be popped up in a dialog and then dismissed.
  3. Add/edit notices externally from RapidWeaver.

So can anyone pull a rabbit out the hat and suggest a way of achieving this please.
I am using Foundry on this website.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi, items 1 and 3 could be done with something like Armadillo which is a blog / CMS. The blog on this personal hillwalking site uses it (content could as easily be in a sidebar)

Not sure how to go about doing the second one though - I’m guessing it could be done with some custom code to take the most recent ‘blog’ entry and serve it up in a dismissible dialogue but that’s above my skill level!


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Thanks Dave,

I have looked at Aradillo but thought it might be a bit over the top for what I want.

btw, I notice that when you select the “Read more” and it expands the blog, there is no return to blog button. Is this something that can be set in the settings or something that is missing in Armadillo? (@nimblehost)

I can write php code to build a dialog provided the Armadillo data is in a mysql database.

Anyhow, thanks again for your thoughts.


Armadillo is in a sql database and no there isn’t a return to blog button (that I’ve found).

On another site, I just added a button next to the tags on the right:’s-ride:-ride-to-remember-100-years-on-from-the-armistice


Thanks Dave…

After looking at a few options that require lots of hacks to make them work I think I will just build my own.

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